As food companies try to meet a growing demand for meat alternatives, they are developing new meat-like cuts that even appear to be bloody before cooking.

These alternative meat products are showing up in South Dakota stores and the state's livestock producers and others say they're deceiving to shoppers. They want the South Dakota Legislature to enact more aggressive labeling requirements to better inform consumers about what they are buying.

The cattle industry accounts for nearly $3 billion in economic impact in South Dakota each year and ranchers say that investment is threatened by the growing and changing meat-alternative trends.

I feel that meat alternatives are not a good choice. And marketing them in a deceiving way should be stopped. Consumers deserve to be properly informed as to what they are purchasing. Especially if is to be consumed by their family.

There is no alternative to eating meat. Meat is full of protein, it tastes good and it's good for you. I'm a meat lover and a strong promoter for South Dakota's beef industry. If you don't like red meat, then do what I do, brown it!

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