The state of South Dakota saw its largest increase in traffic fatalities since 2007 last year and a 38 percent overall increase since last year.

According to Dakota News Now, the three main factors in vehicle fatalities for 2020 were speed, alcohol use, and not wearing a seatbelt.

Another major factor that came into play for the large increase from last year was distracted driving, which was due in large part to cell phone use.

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After a record low in traffic fatalities in 2019, the high increase in traffic fatalities in South Dakota follows a similar trend nationwide for 2020. The National Safety Council reported earlier this year that over 42 thousand individuals died in traffic deaths in 2020. That's up 8 percent from 2019 and also the first time the country has seen an increase in traffic deaths in over 4 years.

The total number of deaths last year was the highest amount of vehicle fatalities the United States has seen since 2007 and the National Safety Council also estimates that 4.8 million people were injured in vehicle crashes last year.

On top of the increase in crashes and the increase in traffic deaths, the data has also shown that Americans drove an average of 13 percent fewer miles last year than in years past.

For the full story on South Dakota traffic fatalities in 2020, along with the accompanying video, visit the article at Dakota News Now.

You can also read the national statistics of overall traffic fatalities and crashes, as compared to years past at this article on USA Today.

Story Source: Dakota News Now

Story Source: USA Today

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