Are you feeling thirsty and you forget to bring your water jug to work? Don't worry! The tap water in South Dakota, Minnesota, and Iowa is fresh and clean.

A new article and survey from WiseVoter ranks the best tap water quality in each state. The top states "demonstrate a commitment to maintaining clean and safe water sources for their residents." Water is part of our everyday lives. We use it when we cook, bathe, hydrate, and wash our clothes. So naturally, keeping our tap water clean in every state is a high priority.

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WiseVoter understands that "Each state faces unique challenges related to water sources, infrastructure, and regulatory frameworks, which can impact water quality." Clean, fresh, and drinkable water is essential for everyone.

The new article and survey from WiseVoter indicate that the tap water quality in South Dakota, Minnesota, and Iowa is some of the best in the country. But between these three Midwestern states, which one has the better tap water quality?

Tap water & Boiling water

Based on water violations, the following are the top 10 "Best Tap Water in the US" from WiseVoter:

  1. Hawaii
  2. The District of Columbia
  3. Nebraska
  4. Delaware
  5. Kentucky
  6. South Carolina
  7. North Dakota
  8. Rhode Island
  9. South Dakota
  10. Nevada

The state of Hawaii only recorded two water violations this past year.

The state of South Dakota does secure the ninth spot for the "Best Tap Water in the US" from WiseVote list. South Dakota does have 303 water violations. WiseVote explains that South Dakota uses its "efforts to ensure the safety and cleanliness of their tap water" for all residents.

So where do Minnesota and Iowa rank in the "Best Tap Water in the US" from WiseVoter? Minnesota sits at the 14th spot and Iowa is #19. Not bad for our Midwest neighbors!

To find out where other states rank in the "Best Tap Water in the US" from WiseVoter, click here to learn more.

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