The state of South Dakota has been up to a lot over the last year and one of those things now on the agenda is making sure you can't beat our meat.

That's right, no one should be able to beat the meat from South Dakota and it looks like state officials are looking at providing more resources to our meat producers in the state.

Governor Kristi Noem has proposed a $5 million grant program that would need to be approved by the Legislature to aid in the need for more processing facilities and resources for those who need it in South Dakota.

The COVID-19 pandemic has wrecked havoc on the United States and South Dakota and really affected every aspect of our lives including the food chain.

In 2020, protein producers had huge strains put on their work load and there was a need for more processing and storing facilities which this program would help.

Additionally, I love the idea of keeping more costs down and opening up more exporting opportunities for our farmers which would only increase their revenue and eventual production each year for one of our most influential industries.

According to Keloland, the funds would come from the states surplus that South Dakota is expected to see driven by sales tax in our state.

Furthermore this would be a one time program that doesn't already exist in the state.

As we start to move toward more normalcy over the next year or so, these sorts of upstarts are going to be key in keeping the economy fluorescing in South Dakota especially with our agriculture businesses.

Currently in the state of South Dakota there are 102 locations with 18 federally inspected plants and 84 state licensed processing facilities.

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