A bill in the South Dakota State legislature that would strengthen prosecution against sex traffickers is scheduled for hearing Monday (February 6).

HB 1118 would eliminate the need to prove the use of force, fraud, or coercion when trafficking minors.

Becky Rasmussen from Call to Freedom says it would bring South Dakota up to what 48 states already have on the law books.

With South Dakota being one of the higher states in the nation known for Sex Trafficking, if HB 1118 is passed, it would bring more protection to those under 18 in particular according to Rasmussen:

It will serve as a greater protection to children of trafficking and that means more traffickers can be prosecuted for their crimes and so we are really about protecting our children and making sure that the traffickers who are victimizing the children in South Dakota are getting the right sentences and are prosecuted for their crimes.

Call to Freedom currently serves human trafficking victims in Eastern South Dakota, providing emergency housing, personal items, counselling and assistance in building a new life.

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