The State of South Dakota has some pretty famous attractions. Mount Rushmore, Crazy Horse Memorial, The Badlands, Black Hills, the list goes on. But one place that doesn't get mentioned nearly enough is Jewel Cave National Monument in Custer. Here are some interesting facts about the third-largest cave in the world.

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Credit: Google Maps
Credit: Google Maps
  • When was Jewel Cave first discovered?: The year was 1900. Prospectors Frank and Albert Michaud found a small opening in the cave and filed a mining claim on the land. Once they opened it up, they discovered many different and colorful rock formations in the gigantic caverns and named their discovery "Jewel Cave".
  • Just how big is Jewel Cave anyway?: According to the National Park Service, the cave has more than 200 miles of mapped and surveyed passages. Just two years ago a team of six volunteers mapped the 200th mile of the cave and commemorated the event.
  • Credit: Canva
    Credit: Canva
  • Can I go inside?: Yes! You can check out the Cave's Website for guided tour information.
  • How do I get there?: Jewel Cave National Monument is about a six-hour drive from the Sioux Falls metropolitan area. Just hop on I-90 West to the town of Box Elder. After taking exit 61 and following US Highway 16 for about an hour you'll reach the township of West Custer, South Dakota, and your destination.
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