On Tuesday afternoon Governor Kristi Noem unveiled her “Back-to-Normal" plan as we all continue to cope with the COVID-19 pandemic. Here are some of the details as outlined at covid.sd.gov:


  • Continue to practice good hygiene
  • Continue to stay home when sick
  • Continue to practice physical distancing, as appropriate
  • Vulnerable individuals are at higher risk for this virus. Accordingly, they should: Take extra care to practice good hygiene, avoid those who are sick or those who have been exposed to people who are sick.
  • Consider staying home whenever possible


  • Encourage good hygiene and sanitation practices, especially in high-traffic areas
  • Encourage employees to stay home when sick
  • If previously operating via telework, begin transitioning employees back to the workplace
  • Where appropriate, screen employees for symptoms prior to entering the workplace
  • Enclosed Retail Businesses that Promote Public Gatherings
  • Resume operations in a manner that allows for reasonable physical distancing, good hygiene, and appropriate sanitation
  • Consider restricting occupancy and continue innovating in this uncertain environment


  • Continue remote learning
  • Consider a limited return to in-person instruction to “check-in” before the school year ends
  • Encourage good hygiene and sanitation practices, especially in high-traffic areas

Health Care Providers:

  • Hospitals treating COVID-19 patients should reserve 30% of their hospital beds and maintain appropriate stores of PPE to meet surge demand
  • Other hospitals and surgery centers must have updated transfer protocols and adequate stores of independently-sourced PPE
  • Non-hospital healthcare can resume with adequate stores of independently sourced PPE
  • Continue to restrict visits to senior care facilities and hospitals

Local Governments:

  • Consider current and future actions in light of these guidelines

As of Tuesday number of new COVID-19 cases went up to 2,313 in the state according to the South Dakota Department of Health. Active cases are at 910. 7 more people were hospitalized to bring the total of ever hospitalized to 157. There have been 11 deaths in the state.

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