I remember as a kid about once or twice a year or so Dad and Mom would pile me and my brother Larry into the '59 Chevy and we'd head off to my Uncle and Aunt's place in St. James, Minnesota. Now, from our little farm, I'd guess it's about 90 miles or so. And believe it or not, that was a major trip!

Okay, fast forward a few years (alright, a few decades) and 90 miles is a snap! But we still have some, oh, minor trips that seem like they take just a shade short of forever.

I'll bet there's a lot of us that hit the Interstate in Sioux Falls, destination Rapid City (or vice-versa) and think...'Ugh, this is one looong drive!' And truth be known, it is a bit of a haul, just about 350 miles or so.

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But that's a relatively short jaunt compared to the folks in Summit who want to visit the cousin's who settled in Edgemont.

As you know, or if you don't, Summit rests comfortably up there in the northeast corner of our great state. Meanwhile, the folks that settled Edgemont favored the far southwest corner. So if that family reunion is in beautiful Edgemont, and you live in wonderful Summit, you're staring eyeball-to-eyeball at a trip of 470 miles, give or take. Oh, you might be able to negotiate a few shortcuts I suppose, but it's still, as we used to say, a 'fer-piece'.

'But hold on!', say those friendly folks in Elk Point. 'What if we want to see the Petrified Wood Park in Lemmon? What if we want to picnic there?'

Well, it's worth the drive and you'll see a lot of our great state in the 474 miles it'll take to get there! Yessir, from elegant Elk Point in the far southeastern part of the Sunshine State to wonderful Lemmon up there in the northwest, it's not a 'fer-piece'...it's a 'ferther-piece'.

The good news? Whether you're motoring over to the neighbor town just down the road and around the curve, or traveling from corn to corner to corner to corner, you're still in the friendliest and greatest state in the nation!

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