One of my coworkers said it just the other day.

'Gee, gas is cheap right now'.

Well, depending on your age, gas isn't cheap but it is cheaper than it has been in the past. Seems I remember around Sioux Falls and South Dakota there was a day or two in the past when gas was up over four bucks a gallon.

Of course, when you've driven and ridden in cars as long as I have, you remember too when gas was well under a buck. Heck, I remember as a cute little kid (my mom said I was cute) riding with my folks to Sioux Falls and there would be a gas war going on...which meant that gas was maybe about a quarter a gallon.

But at any rate, pulling up to the 'old gas pump does cost a little something and maybe more than a little something. And anytime is a good time to save a few bucks here and there. has six tips on saving gas while you're motoring around the great state of South Dakota or the great city of Sioux Falls.

Oh, and as far as that bumper buzzing/tailgating thing. Just back off boogaloo...that's me in front of you and I'm old. And I'm doing exactly the speed limit in town. It's a speed 'limit', not a speed 'suggestion'.

I'm thinking that by doing these 6 little things I may be able to save enough in a month to get a six-pack of Grain Belt longnecks. is good!

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