South Dakota crops are looking mainly good to excellent as the soybeans emerge ahead of the five year average. Looking back to the second week of June, there were five days suitable for fieldwork.

According to USDA's National Agricultural Statistics Service, both topsoil and subsoil moisture are rated mostly adequate. Actually in some areas, we are seeing surplus moisture ratings.

The field crop report for the week ending on June 17, shows two thirds of the corn to be rated as good to excellent. The same type of ratings are applied to the soybean crop.

Ninety one percent of the soybean crop is emerged. That is slightly behind last year's 96 percent, but it is ahead of the five year average of 86 percent.

Nearly all the Winter wheat is in fair to good condition with 89 percent headed. That's well above average.

Spring wheat is 48 percent headed and in good condition overall.

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