While a number of businesses continue to struggle nationwide in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, one business in particular is thriving right now, the business of gun sales.

Retailer's across the country are seeing a huge uptick in gun sales as civil unrest continues in parts of the nation and the 2020 presidential election draws closer.

Dakota News Now is reporting a number of gun retailers throughout South Dakota, and the region are experiencing an increased demand for firearms right now. As a matter of fact, gun sales have never been better in some cases.

Matthew Harens, owner of Teton River Traders gun shop told Dakota News Now, “Its not fear of losing their guns, its actual fear of bodily harm” that is the main reason for the marked increase in traffic through his doors.

Dakota News Now reports, a large number of states across the nation are experiencing the same type of thing, as first-time gun buyers are at an all time high right now.

Minnesota had 35,000 background checks for gun purchase in August of this year, that's up more than 13,000 from August 2019.

South Dakota has also seen a steady climb in gun sales during the same period.

The state has also seen a marginal increase in pistol permits according to data from the South Dakota Secretary of State’s Office. Numbers show there was a  25% increase in June, a 31% increase in July, and a 8% increase in August.

Given the large number of first-time gun buyers at the moment, gun owners are really stressing the importance of gun safety and training measures with every first-time buyer.

Many retailers are encouraging first-time buyers to seek out a qualified gun expert that can help provide them with a basic gun safety course to ensure they know how to operate and care for their firearm safely.

Source: Dakota News Now

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