South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem will be addressing the House of Representatives tomorrow. Just ahead of her address the South Dakota Department of Public Safety and Highway Patrol completed the implementation of some new security measures.

According to Dakota News Now anyone entering the building must now come through the north entrance of the capital where state troopers will guide them through the screening process.

The new process will include emptying your pockets and sending your personal items through the X-ray scanner. Any bags you have must go through too.

Then you will walk through the metal detector. If the machine sounds off state troopers will use their wand to find any other items that you may have.

Colonel Rick Miller with the South Dakota Highway Patrol said: "We thought if we didn't do something and something did happen, we'd be stuck answering questions about why we didn't do something, so we feel this is the best way moving forward. Feedback has been good. We've looked at past trends and situations throughout the United States, and we just thought it was a good idea to make sure that the people coming into the capital are secure."

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