Usually, right before New Year's Eve, in an effort to start the new year off on the right foot, people like to make resolutions.  The number one resolution: Stop drinking or drink a little less. The only problem is that many individuals appear to be failing when it comes to honoring this commitment. Literally.

A new study shows that the average American only lasted 10 days into "Dry January."  What really drives this study is the fact that 4% of Americans broke down on January 1st!  8% of Americans stopped after January 3rd. Well, at least they tried.

The South West News Service (SWNS) reports that the recent Cupcake LightHearted study surveyed "2,000 Americans 21and older to reflect on their experiences with Dry January and their overall drinking habits."  Cupcake LightHearted discovered that seven out of ten respondents do participate in the no-drinking for a month challenge.  However, this doesn't always work out.

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Cupcake LightHearted determined there are six primary reasons why people are not successful during Dry January.

  1. Forgot they were doing Dry January - 44%
  2. Went to a happy hour with friends/coworkers - 39%
  3. Went on a date - 37%
  4. Bad day at work - 36%
  5. Wanted to relax - 33%
  6. Stress watching the news - 25%

For some South Dakota residents, failing to give up drinking is not surprising.  In fact, a previous article shows the Mount Rushmore state is amongst one of the "Drunkest States In America" sitting at the number three spot.

There is a positive side to this epic fail.  55% of people who took part in the Cupcake LightHearted study said cutting down on drinking was one of their main goals for 2021.

Only time will tell for somehow long they will be able to maintain this goal.

Did you participate in the "Dry January" challenge?  If not, is your New Year's resolution to limit your alcoholic beverage consumption?


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