Just when you thought there was a Guinness World Record for everything, Guinness says, "Not so fast."

That's a fancy way of saying Guinness won't entertain creating a category for starting and stopping a smartphone stopwatch. Yes, there are people who think this should be a thing.

According to a tweet from Guinness, "We've had a lot of people get in touch over the last few days about the fastest time to start and stop a phone stopwatch." The tweet continued, "It's actually not something that Guinness World Records have monitored previously, but how quickly can you do it?"

The diehard smartphone stopwatch starting and stopping fans weren't buying the excuse from Guinness so the organization posted a follow-up tweet the next day.

"Just to clarify, sadly this isn't something we could ever monitor," Guinness tweeted. "Phone stopwatches are too unreliable and can be easily manipulated to display false times. Sorry."

But out of curiosity, I want to know who has the fastest time in the Sioux Falls area. There are no prizes, but you can brag about it on social media.

I recorded a .09 time on my Google Pixel 2 running Andriod 11, as shown on the screenshot above. Looks like I need to practice, just in case the folks at Guinness change their mind.

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