Video games are really cool. At least that's what I've been told. Colorful, fast moving, lots of running on the screen, jumping, crashing, shooting, killing. Cool stuff.

And it's all right there in front of your kid, or grandkid. All they have to do is push buttons, move buttons, slide buttons...I don't know for sure, but it's something with the buttons. And there it is, magically on the screen. No imagination needed. That's already been provided by the maker of the game!

And your son or daughter, grandson or granddaughter? Don't bother them, they're lost in the video game!

How about we, you and I, introduce them to something completely new. Kids like new things, they must, because there's a new video game, new phone, new Ipad, new gadget out every week or so, isn't there? So they'll love this!

Just tell them there's something new on the market, something called "Board Games". Tell them "Of course there's a bunch of them, just like the video games, you pick the one or two you want!" This is going to be so cool.

You gather everyone around the kitchen or dining room table (that's right son, this isn't just you playing, this is what we call family inter-action). Alright, everyone comfy? How about we try this one.

Monopoly. Don't worry, it's not as complicated as it looks, in fact, it's easy! (Now son, that's what you told me about your latest video game).

Don't care for that one. Don't worry, we have more. Let's try Yahtzee. Scrabble. Parcheesi. Pictionary. I have a deck of cards here too, this little packet holds hundreds of games!

What's that, son? Oh, you want something more exciting. You like blowing things up? Hold on, I have something right here....

Battleship! See, right here on the table we can blow up ships.

Oh, not enough. OK, I saved the best for last. I know some of those video games you like are, well, violent. Killing, fighting, things like that. Don't worry.

The whole family can enjoy popcorn, soda, conversation and still be violent together here at the table!

Here we go....I'll say Colonel Mustard in the Parlor with a Lead Pipe!

Would you pass the popcorn. So how was school today?

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