Mount Rushmore is perhaps our most beloved national treasure here in South Dakota. Heck, they don't call us the "Mount Rushmore State" for nothing, right?

Over two million people visit the monument every year, but most are restricted from ever getting too close. However, on special occasions, a privileged few are given the opportunity to fly aircraft directly over Mount Rushmore.

It's safe to say no one has seen a view of the National Monument quite like this.

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In the video from Destination Paradise, a drone provides an up-close look at one of our most sacred landmarks. It also briefly shows what the monument looks like from above, which is extremely rare. For more information on what's inside Mount Rushmore, check out our previous article, here.

As you can see in the video, there are a few structures on top of Mount Rushmore, which have served multiple purposes over the decades.

As private drones have become more and more popular over recent years, recent laws were put into place restricting their use over U.S. landmarks, including Mount Rushmore.

According to the publisher of the video, the above footage was shot shortly before the law banning drones at national landmarks took place in 2017.

Also in the video, you can see some incredible footage of the Badlands, Black Hills, Custer State Park, and Deadwood.

And if you want to see other breathtaking views of Mount Rushmore, check out this article from Only in Your State.

Story Souce: Destination Paradise via YouTube

Story Source: The Verge

Story Source: Only in Your State

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