We're back on the farm, you and I.

It's decades ago, back in the 'old days' as they say. Maybe 1960, maybe 1970, maybe 1980.

Words like 'COVID 19' and 'Coronavirus were unknown. We might have the flu, might have a cold once or twice a year. Heck, maybe even the mumps or measles. But Coronavirus?


But we were doing something back then on the farm that we need to do now.

Social distance.

It wasn't hard to practice social distancing then. In fact, it was a way of life.

Farm Live

Times have changed of course, since those 'old days'. Social distancing isn't fun but it is necessary. And once we've socially distanced long enough, I'm going to give my kids and grandkids a big 'ol hug and not take them for granted ever again. And that's a good thing!

In the meantime, I gotta go out and feed that donkey...and with him, there's no problem keeping at least a six-foot distance!

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