I know a lot of people are bummed out about the current pandemic. Don’t get me wrong COVID-19 has cramped my whole family’s lifestyle over the past couple of weeks. It is super annoying, but I understand the importance of staying in.

I was talking to my mom the other day and she was talking about how my daughter Harper, who is 8 years old, should start a journal and write about this experience. Years later she can read her journal and remember this whole pandemic and how it affected her.

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Yesterday, my friend, Molly sent me an invite for my daughter to chat with her daughter on Messenger Kids via Facebook. The messages go to her iPad, but I have to approve the kids and adults she chats with and I get notified when messages are sent. It was so nice after a week of no activities and no school,  to hear her laugh and chat with her friends.

Thank goodness for technology keeping all of us connected in the times that we can’t physically hang out together. Messenger Kids offers filters, video chat, and texting. I did, however, have to limit her to 30 min in the morning and 30 min in the evening otherwise I think she would be on that app all day. She has friends from school, dance and family. It’s fun for her to be able to stay connected and be able to socialize just like she did before but just in a different way.

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