While every hot dog is made differently, they all have a similar list of ingredients - and 43% of Americans are fearful of what they actually are. If you've seen the The Great Outdoors, the chatty raccoons insist that hot dogs are made from "lips and a$$h***s."

Hang on. Here are some of the basic contents inside that lovely casing.

Meat: Lots of meat parts and byproducts. It could be chicken, pork, beef, turkey, or a combination of all of them, depending on how fancy you like your dogs.

Sugar, starches, and corn syrup: These are the "big 3" that most dietitians warn you about.

Salt and nitrates: These do a dance all over your blood pressure and can make it spike.

Beef stock: This actually gives your wiener that smokey taste.

Casing: Let's talk about that casing. Nearly all of them are made from the lining of sheep intestines.

Perhaps this is why 34% of Americans avoid hot dogs unless it's the only thing on the grill. Also, according to the Huffington Post, 70% of Americans wish there were fewer ingredients in a dog. Good news! There are some healthier brands. The Daily Meal also included the most unhealthy hot dog available in stores and it's worth a read.