It wouldn't be the Fourth of July in America without flags, fireworks, and watching grown men and women stuff their faces with an obscene amount of hot dogs at the annual Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest on Coney Island, where once again Joey Chestnut came to play, downing a record 76 weiners and buns in ten minutes time.

And while Joey heads home with a cool ten grand in his pocket we can now get back to that classic dilemma that has cast a dark cloud over the hot dog world - how for decades the big hot dog and hot dog bun companies have been secretly trying to get us to buy more of their products by packaging only eight buns while selling ten franks at a time.

To make the numbers jive, you'd have to purchase five packs of buns and four sleeves of dogs, and who needs 40 hot dogs unless you're hosting one heck of a backyard bash?

The struggle is hardly a new development. Hollywood was attempting to raise awareness on the issue 30 years ago:

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Heinz Hot Dog Pact

Well, someone is finally trying to put an end to our long, national nightmare.

The ketchup company Heinz has launched their very own Hot Dog Pact, which is looking to right this wrong:

We’re calling on Big Bun and Big Wiener companies to find the answer to this hot dog packaging mismatch, once and for all. We need your signatures more than ever. Let’s change hot dog history together.

You can do your part by signing their online petition.

And while I applaud the good folks at Heinz for having the courage to tackle this blight on the food world, I'm seriously contemplating starting my own petition drive to eradicate, once and for all, another gross injustice in the hot dog universe.

Once again, Hollywood was way ahead of me on this one:

Can I count on your support?

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