There have been many anomalies that people claim to see in everyday objects over the years. Perhaps one of the most famous is from Diane Duyser who made some toast and claimed to see the Virgin Mary imprinted on bread.

While the debate raged on over what she really saw, she was laughing all the way to the bank when sold the 'holy' toast for $28,000.

Now here's an anomaly that no skeptic can debate; a snake with three smiley face emojis on its body.

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Justin Kobyika has been breeding snakes for 20 years. He told CNN that he was trying to breed piebald ball pythons for a color combination of bright golden yellow and white. He was surprised to see one hatch with the trio of smiley faces on its scales. 

Kobyika has been trying to breed this color combination for eight years and says this three smiley face snake was a complete accident. He thought that one in 20 would have one smiley face, but this is the only one to have the triple grins.

As to what happened to the smiley snake, it was sold for $6,000 and no doubt the snake is making its new owner very happy.

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