It is one of the most iconic songs in country music history. Recorded in May of 1973 and released as a single in October of that year, Jolene soared to the top of the country music charts and became a pop and adult contemporary hit as well.

Dolly has said that 'Jolene' is the one song she has written that has been recorded by more artists than any other. And just as proof that a great song never dies, the song has reportedly sold over 700,00 digital copies as well.

So, while virtually everyone has sung along with Dolly's 'Jolene', it becomes something totally different when you take the 45 rpm single and slow it 33 1/3.

All of a sudden 'Jolene' becomes a hauntingly beautiful ballad.

Oh, and just as a final note, Dolly's follow-up single to 'Jolene' didn't do too bad either. It was a little song called 'I Will Always Love You'.

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