There's a new study out detailing the cities where we get the best and worst night sleep - and the number one cities on both ends may surprise you. Here's a hint, the nation's most sleepless city is not Seattle, but rather the home to a leader who often tweets at 3:00 AM.

The study found the city that was most sleepless is Washington DC, followed by Seattle, Washington, Dallas, Texas, San Francisco, California and Charlotte, North Carolina.

The thought is that people who live in those cities are kept awake because of increased stress and other issues. Surprisingly though, folks in New York City actually sleep better than most, mainly because they've embraced healthy living more than others.

The best sleep city in America was determined to be El Paso, Texas. Also ranking high on the list for getting a good night sleep was San Antonio, Texas, followed by Memphis, Tennessee.

The sleep study was commissioned by the CALM smartphone app.

On a related note, in May of 2018 did a similar study. They found the best cities to get sleep were Colorado Springs, Colorado, Sioux Falls, South Dakota, Boise, Idaho, Lincoln, Nebraska, and Madison, Wisconsin. The worst sleep cities on the TUCK report were Detroit, Michigan, Neward, New Jersey, Cleveland, Ohio, Birmingham, Alabama, and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Source: ABC Radio News

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