Iowa may not be the first place you think of when these six animals come to mind, but there's a good chance you can find them somewhere between the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers at some point throughout the year. You just have to know where to look.

All of these animals can be found in the state of Iowa. However, none of them are actually native to the state. Some just appear to be passing through, while others got here entirely by accident.

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Six Surprising Animals You May Spot in Iowa

If you just so happen to spot any of these animals in Iowa, consider yourself lucky, and make sure to give them plenty of space, as all of them like to be left alone.

Story Source: Des Moines Register

Iowa Palmer Company's Twin Bing Products

Can you even really claim to live in this part of the country if you've never had a Twin Bing?


"It consists of two round, chewy, cherry-flavored nougats coated with a mixture of chopped peanuts and chocolate. The Twin Bing was introduced in the 1960s," -Wikipedia

Not only has the TB been a staple of the Sioux Empire for over half a decade, but the makers of the classic candy have also infused the unique cherry and chocolate flavor into lots of other things.

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