Tick season is (unfortunately) going on strong here in South Dakota and there are at least six species of the blood-sucking pest that thrive in the Mount Rushmore State.

Generally, tick season begins in late April and runs through October in South Dakota, and the wetter the weather, the better for this big that only rivals the mosquito as the biggest nuisance in the state.

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Credit: Canva
Credit: Canva

According to A-Z Animals, South Dakota has at least six species of ticks, and they are likely thriving in the Mount Rushmore State. These tick species include:

  1. The American Dog Tick: A red and brown tick mainly lives in South Dakota's Grasslands.
  2. The Lone Star Tick: Not as common as the Dog Tick and is mainly found in the southeastern part of South Dakota. The Lones Star Tick has a large body, with a large mouth and brown legs, with females sporting a lone star spot.
  3. Winter Tick: As its name suggests, this tick is mainly found in the colder months, although it can survive year-round. For the most part, these ticks are not a threat to humans though, as they mostly live their entire lives on animals like deer and elk.
  4. Black-Legged Tick: Usually referred to as the deer tick, this parasite can spread Lyme Disease and is capable of living year-round, as long as it avoids temperatures that fall below the freezing level.
  5. Rocky Mountain Wood Tick: A tick that is only found in higher elevation parts of South Dakota, like the Black Hills.
  6. Brown Dog Tick: One of the most prevalent ticks in the state; it resides in cities, close to where dogs live.

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