With a drier than average spring and some parts of South Dakota in a drought, tick levels in the state are expected to be lower than average this year. However, the Midwest as a whole will see a rise this year in tick populations.

According to SDSU Extension, ticks thrive when a wet spring occurs, which for the most part, hasn't happened in the Mount Rushmore State. But that doesn't mean we won't be seeing these annoying, and sometimes dangerous, pests as we head into the warmer weather months.

While looking at the Midwest, ticks will be on the rise in many states, including the state of Minnesota.

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The website, pests.org recently released its tick forecast for the entire Midwest. In it, they state that tick populations and activity will both be at an increase as we head into the summer.

Certain states which have seen larger levels of rain this spring are at a higher risk.

Warmer temperatures in the Midwest will prolong the tick season, and wetter conditions will make ticks more widespread than usual.


Tick season typically begins in late April in South Dakota and lasts until October. The ticks that are seen most often in the Midwest include the Deer tick, Rocky Mountain Wood tick, Brown dog tick, American dog tick, and Lone Star tick.

Story Source: Pests Dot Org

Story Source: SDSU Extension

Story Source: KTSP TV

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