So you get to the end of the month. You've paid the cable bill, paid the cell phone bill, got all your prescriptions, got the groceries, and even got a couple 'extras' at what seemed like a real good deal.

You add that all up and can't wait to see how much 'fun money' is left over for, well, fun!

Except that there isn't any!

OK, time to sit down and take a look at those bills and see if there isn't an easy way to trim them back a bit.

  1. Re-think your premium subscription services. You may like having the OPTIONS, but if you're not using them, you're wasting money.  How many of those cable channels do you ACTUALLY watch each month?
  2. Do you have unused cell minutes and unread magazines stacking up?  Take a good look at what you and your family actively use, then cancel or downsize your plans.  If you can live without them, chances are you don't really need them.
  3. Buy generic.  You may think you're sacrificing quality, but you're not.  Fancy brands cost more mainly because of the packaging.
  4. Take it easy with coupons.  They SEEM like they're saving you money.  But they actually make you buy things you normally WOULDN'T, because you're getting a deal.
  5. Never pay full retail price.  Almost all consumer goods go on sale at some point, and that's when you should buy them.
  6. Don't buy suggested add-ons.  Rental car workers are trained to get you to buy their insurance, when your own insurance policy probably covers you.  Those kinds of extra fees can add-up over time, so learn to say no.

Source: Yahoo Finance

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