The Sioux Empire Fair brings in great entertainment to get the crowd on their feet. One performance at the fair features the "Triple Threat" tour with Blackhawk, Restless Heart, and Shenandoah.  Before these legendary bands take the stage on Thursday night, Mark and I had the opportunity to chat with the Lead Singer of Shenandoah Marty Raybon.

The award-winning country group is in the early stages of their tour visiting fairs from across the country.  They're performing crowd favorites on the road like "Two Dozen Roses."  But they're also playing new music off their new record, "Reloaded."  This is their first album in 20 years.  Some songs off their new record include "Noise," "That's Where I Grew Up," and "Little Bit of Livin'."

Marty Raybon is the original lead singer for the group, and he's excited to get in front of the Sioux Empire audience.  It's even better because he's sharing the stage with some friends.  "There's a lot of excitement happening.  We've just been so fortunate throughout this year.  What's exciting about this show is having our buddies with us (Restless Heart and Blackhawk)," says Marty Raybon.

Marty describes Thursday's show as a night of hits.  It's almost like going back in time playing the classics one by one. Marty states," People identify with our music and they grab on to it." He adds that the audience can expect to hear songs from their new album as well.

This isn't the first time the band has made an appearance in Sioux Falls.  According to Marty, one of the best things about performing in Sioux Falls is that you find America.  "When we visit Sioux Falls, we see wholesome Americans that are the breadbasket of our country," says Marty.  "You can just tell the people of Sioux Falls and others enjoy our music. They love what we produce and that's why we do it."

The concert on Thursday night starts at 8 PM.  The show is free with fair admission.  Visit the Sioux Empire Fair for more information.  Mark and I will see you on stage!

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