I just read a story about a Sioux Falls woman who was robbed of her car keys at gunpoint on Saturday evening. It turns out the woman gave the suspect the wrong key and she ran from the scene. As the suspect was struggling to try to get into the woman's car, they found out she gave them the wrong key and they quickly fled.

It's unclear whether the woman gave the suspect the wrong key by accident or on purpose. Either way, it was a very smart move and saved the woman's car from getting stolen.

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A couple of observations; first, Sioux Falls is not Mayberry anymore. Crime is way up and, in my opinion, will only increase as the nation's economy continues to soften and food becomes scarce. The second is always to be watching your surroundings. Don't check your phone while you walking. Keep an eye on everyone around you and be prepared for anything. Paranoid? Maybe, but situational awareness is a good safety routine to practice.

Consider keeping your car and house keys separated. If someone steals your car key or fob and your house keys are on the ring, now all they have to do is look at your vehicle registration to see where you live. If the crooks get your car key or fob but not your house keys, they may still find out where you live, but you aren't giving them unfettered access to your home.

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