Sioux Falls Police Spokesman Sam Clemens urges drivers to pay attention to the road and not being distracted while having a Frosty.

"We had a 24-year-old woman that was driving in the 6600 Block of West 53rd Street. As she was driving along the individual was eating her Frosty and not paying attention to the road."

That was a big mistake!

"In doing so, the car veered off to the right and ended up hitting a tree. The car then rolled over on top. Thankfully, she was not hurt. But, the woman was charged with careless driving and no insurance."

The moral of the story is this:

"Pretty simple: pay attention to the roadways. There are people that do a lot of different things that could be considered distracted driving. Certainly eating is one of those. Yet, anytime you take your eyes off the road there is something bad that can happen. This woman ended up rolling her car."

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