Sioux Falls Police say three people attacked a woman after damaging her car early Tuesday morning.

"Our victim heard a noise outside and saw three people that were breaking windows out of her car. She went outside to confront them and hopefully stop them. Sounds like she knows all the suspects," said Public Information Officer Sam Clemens. "One of the women had a tire iron and had been breaking out the windows. That suspect used the tire iron and hit the victim a few times. The other two people (a man and a woman) then pushed the victim to the ground and kicked her several times."

Clemens says Sioux Falls police later arrested the three suspects.

"We had enough information of who they were. Officers were able to find them. All of them were arrested for simple assault charges. The woman with the tire iron faces aggravated assault."

Clemens says the victim did not receive serious injuries from the attack.

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