Sioux Falls personal trainer and a star of MTV's Teen Mom 2 says he's leaving the series over a salary dispute and the fact that the series makes him look bad. Chelsea Houska, the mother of his daughter Aubree is asking for additional child support which he says is unfair due to the fact that Chelsea received 250 thousand dollars in salary last year.

But he also revealed that his MTV salary is very close to that same dollar figure and that MTV is offering him more money to stay. Houska has also had thoughts of leaving the popular show, so Season 8 is on the bubble at this point.

Here are just a few notable quotes from Mr. Lind:

It don’t matter the amount of money anymore. I’m so much better than being bribed by money. I wasn’t raised to be greedy and sucked into this evil world.”

“I’m sick of being known as the guy from Teen Mom but instead I’m going to be known for bodybuilding and fitness.”

"I fly out to NYC for Season 7 Reunion Show with their ‘stars’ and after that I’m done,” Adam added. “I will be milking out for a free trip to NYC one last time so Stasia [his girlfriend] has the opportunity to see NYC for free. And then I’m out."

You can read the complete story at For a sneak peak of the Season 7 reunion show click here.

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