In anticipation of possible freezing drizzle in the Sioux Falls area, Rich Steppen of the Street Department says his crews have been treating streets overnight.

"We treated the roads before tonight. Around midnight, we watched the streets to make sure they didn't turn to ice. Around 3:00 AM, we got some rain and we were back out there hitting all the streets."

Steppen says it's a good idea to drive with caution on the side streets Tuesday morning in Sioux Falls.

"Pay attention on the side streets. We did emergency streets and around the schools.  But, we haven't been to some of the residential streets. You might want to slow down on the residential streets."

The National Weather Service reports accumulations of a few hundredths of an inch of ice are possible. The freezing rain advisory includes Minnehaha and McCook counties.  Other counties covered under the freezing rain advisory are Lake, Sanborn, Brookings, Moody and Kingsbury County. The advisory is in effect until noon.

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