In light of possible snow in Sioux Falls on Friday, Gaylynn Huber, manager of Sioux Falls Streets, says his workers are ready to plow!

"We have all the snow gates mounted on the plows. We are equipped with plenty of salt. We have liquid in our tanks. We have our spinners on the sanders. Everything is ready to go."

And that includes being prepared for possible snow later in the week.

"One thing about Friday, with the temperatures as warm as they are. Tuesday and Wednesday are expected to be around 65 degrees. The pavement temperature stays really warm. If some snow does come down, it should pretty much melt as it hits the ground, especially the roads."

Huber says being snow free so far this season is helping the snow removal budget.

"Absolutely it does! Everyday in November and December that we can go without snow helps my budget because the fiscal years ends December 31st. I spent money out of the budget January, February, March. Now what I have left is what I have to fight the snow during November and December."

Huber says most of his employees that work on snow removal have been doing it for years and says "it's like riding a bicycle for them."

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