In these times when we are social distancing and self quarantining it's not always easy to do meal planning. If you are blessed enough to have provisions in your cupboards and freezers you may still be looking for other options.

This weekend the wife and I had a treat that was delivered to our house. My very thoughtful daughter and son-in-law had ordered us some Portillo's Italian Beef Sandwiches. They were delivered to our house still frozen from Portillo's restaurant in Chicago.

My son-in-law is from Chicago so he is familiar with these wonderful treats. The box comes with containers of thin-sliced beef, gravy, sweet peppers, Italian rolls, and Hot Giardiniera. Everything you need for a great meal.

There is a little bit of work that goes into preparing the sandwiches, but well worth the effort. And in these crazy times, it is a fun escape to have something tasty and fun dropped off at your house.

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