The Sioux Falls School District has been awarded a $500,000 grant by the Environmental Protection Agency to purchase 20 new buses outfitted with the latest emissions technology. This award supports the City’s long-term goal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from government-related transportation.

The new buses are 25 percent more fuel efficient and reduce harmful emissions by greater than 90 percent for most parameters when compared to older buses.

“All of us at School Bus, Inc. are proud and very grateful to partner with the Sioux Falls School District in applying grant funding from the EPA’s Clean Diesel Funding Assistance Program to the purchase of new school buses that feature the latest in diesel emissions reduction technology. We also appreciate the support of the City of Sioux Falls and look forward to working with the Environmental Division on creative solutions to improve the ambient air quality in Sioux Falls and promote the health and welfare of our community in general, and our children in particular,” said Steve Hey, President of School Bus, Inc.

Emissions from diesel engines can not only contribute to air pollution, but also lead to asthma and other respiratory problems. Children are particularly susceptible as their lungs are not fully developed. Children also tend to have a faster breathing rate when compared to adults.

“Our community is fortunate to receive this award from the EPA. As our city continues to grow, we will need to continue to protect our natural resources, and clean air is no exception. The Sioux Falls School District is proactively seeking to improve our community’s air, as well as providing a safer and healthier ride to and from school for the children they serve,” said Matthew Gedney, Environmental Analyst with the City of Sioux Falls.

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