Where are the safest and most dangerous areas of Sioux Falls? An interactive map from the Neighborhood Scout Website shows some surprising statistics for South Dakota's largest city.

It's no secret that Sioux Falls is growing at a huge rate. Recent reports indicate that the city has now eclipsed 213,000 residents, making it the biggest city, by far, in the region. And as with any growing city, crime is becoming more of a factor in South Dakota's Queen City.

There are dozens of unique neighborhoods throughout the city and the website neighborhoodscout.com offers a detailed look at the city's map to determine where the safest areas are. The crime index, violent crime rate, property crime rate, and crimes per mile were all factors in determining the safest districts.

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Here's a Look at the Ten Safest Neighborhoods in Sioux Falls

KSFY TV (with permission)/Result Radio
KSFY TV (with permission)/Result Radio
  1. 85th Street/South Pinewood Avenue (Far south side)
  2. Pine Lakes Addition (Far east side)
  3. Shindler (Far south side)
  4. Pepper Ridge (Southeast side)
  5. Anderson (East side)
  6. West Ralph Rogers Rd./ South Old Yankton Rd. (south Sioux Falls)
  7. Prairie Trail Park (South central Sioux Falls)
  8. Yankton Trail Park (South central Sioux Falls
  9. Kuehn Park (West central Sioux Falls)
  10. Diamond Valley (Southeast Sioux Falls)

If you're wondering (like I was) where exactly these neighborhoods are in Sioux Falls, you can check out the map here.

Now, Let's Check out the Most Dangerous Neighborhoods in the City

Credit: Canva
Credit: Canva
  • North End East/Froelich Addition (North Sioux Falls)
  • North End West (Central Sioux Falls)
  • Whittier (Central Sioux Falls)
  • Emerson W. 12th St./Axtell Park (Central Sioux Falls)
  • Dunham Park (West Central Sioux Falls)

To see the full, interactive map of the safest neighborhoods, best schools, and best real estate in Sioux Falls, check out the map on Neighborhood Scout.

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South Dakota's Top Ten Ag Products Ranked

You are steeped in agriculture. You might not know it, but you are. It doesn't matter if you live in Sioux Falls, Brookings, Yankton, Aberdeen, Mitchell or Rapid City, South Dakota. You're neck-deep in agriculture.

You might work in a hospital. Maybe the Post Office. You could be an IT person, maybe work all day on a computer in an office. Heck, you might be a radio announcer. It doesn't matter. You depend on South Dakota's top agriculture products each and every day.
You DO eat, right?

It may come as a shock (but probably not) that South Dakota is rural. We're a "farm/ranch" state, and doggone proud of it. That farm you drive by every day? That ranch you read about? They fuel this state.

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And perhaps the first question you have is, how do you define "Agricultural Products"?
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