Sioux Falls police are attempting to locate a suspect involved in a robbery incident last Friday that sounds like it was ripped straight from a television police drama.

KSFY TV is reporting, the incident took place on Friday night, (October 11) near 18th Street and Blaine Avenue in eastern Sioux Falls.

According to police spokesman Sam Clemens, a Sioux Falls woman was on her phone while inside her car when the suspect walked up to the vehicle and began to engage her in conversation. A few moments later, he then reached inside the car and grabbed her purse.

As KSFY reports, that prompted the victim to leave her car and start chasing him as the suspect took off on foot. In the process of running after the suspect, the victim left the keys to her car inside the ignition. After a short pursuit, the suspect made his way back towards the woman's car and hopped into the driver's seat. The victim, determined to get her purse back, jumped through an open window on the passenger's side as the suspect began to drive off.

Clemens told KSFY, the suspect and the victim continued to struggle while inside the moving vehicle. The suspect then produced a knife, began to slow down, and eventually jumped out of the victim's car.

The woman somehow regained control of her car before the vehicle crashed. She was also able to get her purse back, but not before the suspect had an opportunity to steal some of the money that was inside.

Sioux Falls police continue to search for the robbery suspect at this time. He is described as a white male in his 30's.

Should you have any further information that would aid police in their search for Friday night's robbery suspect, you're asked to please contact the Crime Stoppers hotline at 605-367-7007.

Source: KSFY TV

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