Have you seen the green boxes popping up in South Sioux Falls lately? It's an issue that has some residents ticked off and wanting more answers.

Those living in the neighborhoods seeing the recent construction and addition of these boxes to yards are concerned with the lack of communication.

According to Dakota News Now, Vast Broadband recently began an expansion with the goal of bringing high-speed internet to the majority of Sioux Falls. This expansion includes green broadband boxes (or pedestals) placed in yards.

However, some residents where this construction is taking place say that they were never notified it was going to happen in the first place. Those who are most concerned argue that they would like a better method of communication between Vast Broadband, the city of Sioux Falls, and its residents who are affected by this construction.

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In a press release, Brad Krebs, a Senior Associate at Vast Broadband had this to say:

We completely understand the questions and concerns that can come along with construction in yards of residents. This upgraded Internet technology requires special hardware including the recently installed pedestals in some yards. As we continue working with our communities to bring our Fiber Internet to more Sioux Falls residents, construction questions can be addressed to https://www.vastbroadband.com/fiberforward.”

-Brad Krebs, Senior Associate Vast Broadband

For the full story, along with the video, check out the article at Dakota News Now. 

Story Source: Dakota News Now

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