That's a word we've all heard over the last few months. And that's not a new word. In the many years (OK, decades) I plodded on the planet, inflation has come and gone and come and gone.

You've probably particularly felt it at the gas pumps. You may have felt it at the grocery store or a lot of other stores and places. The price of this has gone up, the price of that has gone up. It's inflation.

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But thankfully, there are products that haven't gone up in price. You're out and about and those noodles are the same price. Those chips haven't been hit with inflation. And that peanut butter you love is still the same too. Hoorah!

Hold on just a minute there, cowboy.

Welcome to a whole new word. Shrinkflation.

What is Shrinkflation? Well, you can get a detailed explanation here, but in a phrase: You're not getting as much.

It's downsizing a product without raising the price. And perhaps hoping that you don't really notice. More precisely, a site called Mouse Print has specific examples, nine of which are given here. Take a look:

It's in the fine print, something most of us don't bother with. So now we have a new word to be aware of.

Shrinkflation. Insert sigh here...

Birthday Freebies You Can Get at Sioux Falls Businesses

We've added even MORE birthday freebies from Sioux Falls businesses.

Everyone loves free stuff, especially on your birthday. Most of the freebies require you to sign up for their rewards program, e-mail list, or mobile app, so make sure you plan ahead. Some of the offers are good just on your birthday, while others are good for a week or longer.

Of course, this is just a small list. There are many more businesses that offer free stuff for your birthday right here in Sioux Falls. You just need to ask! Or, choose your favorite business, check out their website, and sign up for their e-mail club. All offers are subject to change at any time. Call ahead or check their website for more details.

*List updated 1/4/2022 - Individual businesses may change their policies at any time.


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