Is traveling by air the furthest thing on your mind? You're not alone.

If you will be flying out of the Sioux Falls Regional Airport anytime in the foreseeable future one thing is for certain, the wait-lines will be reduced dramatically. As are the number of people flying.

According to a report from the Argus Leader, increasingly strict guidelines for travel and social gathering have already created what will be a lasting financial impact for Sioux Falls' airport and its airlines, which are likely just days away from announcing significant schedule reductions, said Dan Letellier, the airport's executive director.

Nationally the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) confirms 12 of its officers have tested positive for the coronavirus. The 4 most recent confirmed cases were working at Newark Liberty International Airport (1), JFK International Airport (2), and Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport.

So what should you do if you must travel by air? The TSA recommends following the CDC guidelines and washing your hands before and after the security screening process.

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