How are you doing with recycling at your home and workplace? I have to say that my family, including our third grade son, and I are recycling at home as much as we possibly can. And it appears that the rest of our residents are doing a fine job as well.

The City of Sioux Falls announced Wednesday (4/3) that the licensed garbage haulers’ recycling rate for 2018 was 23.4 percent, up from 22.8 percent in 2017. This is the region’s highest annual recycling rate for recyclable materials excluding yard waste on record.

Sustainability Coordinator Jessica Sexe tells us, “It is fantastic to see our recycling rate continue to increase, especially given the tremendous challenges facing the global recycling industry. Recycling helps our local economy, saves space in our landfill, and protects our natural resources. It is clear our residents understand the importance of recycling, and we want to thank them for another record-breaking year.”

The City also announced that the annual recycling goal for 2019 is 23.4 percent.

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