According to, Sioux Falls was ranked as the number one college town in the state of South Dakota. gathered a list of college towns and narrowed it down to cities with fewer than 250,000 for the city's population. Using data from the Census Bureau and The Bureau of Labor Statistics, analyzed numerous statistics such as the city's overall population compared to its student population, rental costs, college tuition, access to public transportation, the city's unemployment rates, and bar availability to students. From here, it was narrowed down further by weighing the cost of living, unemployment rates for the targeted age of college students which is typically claimed to be 20 to 24-year-olds.

Sioux Falls also ranked third nationwide for the best employment opportunities for college students. This ranking was based on the amount of competition that college students might face when looking for part-time employment within the area.

Our city also ranked eighth for the best college town for bars. (This statistic was based on the bartender employment rate.)

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