The City of Sioux Falls continues to grow. According to Dakota News Now Sioux Falls has grown by an average of 3,300 people a year.

In 2019 the city expanded by almost 4,000 people to a population now of around 190,000. Since 2000, the Sioux Falls population has grown by 67,000 people. The city projects the population to rise to around 208,000 people by the year 2025.

Sioux Falls Director of Planning and Development Services, Jeff Eckhoff said, “I think people are looking for big-city options and a small-town feel. Obviously we try to be proactive. We have the best way to do the projections out so far to make sure that we are planning ahead because infrastructure projects take a long time. Whether it’s work, whether it’s retirement or whether you’re here for healthcare or our park system. One of the number one thing that’s mentioned is our bike trail. I just think it all works together to provide a high quality of life for people that makes it attractive to be here.”

Wikipedia says the city charter was granted by the Dakota Territorial legislature on March 3, 1883. The arrival of the railroads ushered in the great Dakota Boom decade of the 1880s. The population of Sioux Falls mushroomed from 2,164 in 1880 to 10,167 at the close of the decade.

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