A Maryland woman faces charges after she ran out of gas late Tuesday night. Sioux Falls Police Sgt. Aaron Benson explains.

"An officer was on patrol on Western Avenue near Interstate 229 and could see there was a person inside a vehicle that stopped. The officer was concerned for the well being of the person because of the cold weather and attempted to make contact with the driver. The driver exited the vehicle and started to walk. She was out of gas. The sergeant offered a ride to her and she declined."

That's when the woman was about to be arrested!

"The sergeant ran the license plate of the vehicle and discovered it was a stolen vehicle out of Pennsylvania. A search of a backpack she had on her had a number of syringes that tested positive for meth."

Benson says 31-year-old Jennifer Peak was picked up for possession of a stolen vehicle and possession of a controlled substance.

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