A road rage incident between two vehicles in Sioux Falls ended with 11 male teenagers being cited for curfew violations after midnight Monday.

"When the officers arrived on scene they did find a couple of vehicles that were driving recklessly through business parking lots," according to Sioux Falls Police Department Captain Loren McManus.

"They stopped the vehicles. There were 11 juveniles total within the two vehicles that were detained. It was found out somewhere between this road rage incident one of the juveniles had displayed a handgun toward the other vehicle. Ultimately, the 17-year-old with the handgun was charged with two counts of aggravated assault. We had two victims of the assault. All 11 juveniles received tickets for curfew violations."

McManus says the whole affair reportedly began on social media.

"There was an incident that started on Snapchat which is a social media outlet. The teens apparently agreed to meet up at some point and then this chase started. We were able to intervene and had this incident come to a safe conclusion."

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