A police officer from the Sioux Falls Police Department has been receiving a lot of local attention for delivering food to a Sioux Falls resident after her DoorDash driver got arrested. Now, this police officer has a national spotlight shining on him thanks to The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

During Jimmy Fallon's opening monologue on Wednesday night's show, he mentions the top stories that are sweeping the nation. The last national highlight he mentions was the DoorDashing police officer from the Sioux Falls Police Department. Jimmy happily applauded this officer for his dedication.

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Jimmy explains to the viewers that this video is going viral all across the internet. You can just hear the laughter and shock from the crowd when Jimmy shows the short clip.

In a previous story about this Sioux Falls officer, we learned that the officer's name is Sam Buhr. The video first broke on the Tea Storm Chasers Facebook page.  Since then, it's been shared across the internet and news outlets in the country. Even our friends at Pigeon605 secured the exclusive story about the Sioux Falls resident who ordered the food.

Her name is Anastasia Elsinger and she is a graduate student at South Dakota State University. Anastasia tells Pigeon605 that she had a feeling something was wrong with her delivery when her DoorDash delivery tracker froze. In fact, her DoorDash driver was only a few blocks from her Sioux Falls home. Anatasia knew her food was going to be late, but she did not expect a police officer to be on her doorstep.

Anastasia was originally not going to post the video on social media. Eventually, she changed her mind and made it a video on TikTok. This was Anastasia's first TikTok video and it currently has over 4 million likes within 24 hours. Wow!

The Sioux Falls Police Department is really having a special week. Officer Sam Buhr will surely never forget this assignment!

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