On Tuesday (August 8) the Sioux Falls City Council reviewed whether the Parks and Rec Board members should be comprised from various districts in the city.

Councilor Theresa Stehly, a proponent of districting the Sioux Falls Parks and Recreation Board says she is concerned that some of the free wading pools in certain neighborhoods have been downgraded to non-staffed spray parks. She believes if someone from those neighborhoods was on the board, the downgrades wouldn't have taken place.

Councillor Michelle Erppenbach says complaints against the board are not fair. She has heard of complaints that the board is not interested in parks outside the area where they live, yet she has seen the board members demonstrate otherwise.

Erppenbach also believes if a volunteer board should be required to have representatives from different districts of the city, that all volunteer boards have the same requirement.

Councillor Rick Kiley said many residents just responded positively to our parks in a survey.

Members of the parks and rec board do not have the authority to spend money, and volunteer their time to assist and make suggestions to the city council.

After a tie vote by the council, Mayor Mike Huether voted to defeat the proposal.

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