A Sioux Falls native was honored for his service on Thursday (August 3) during Patriot Point Naval & Maritime Museum’s symposium on the Magnificent Bastards of the 2nd Battalion 4th Marines.

The award was presented to Lance Corporal Michael G. Castle, a member of the battalion, awarded a Bronze Star Medal for valor in combat resulting from his actions during battle on January 30, 1969 in  Vietnam, according to the proclamation:

Despite his own painful wounds, Lance Corporal Castle rushed out in the open to the wounded Marine. Undaunted by the rounds impacting near him, Lance Corporal Castle used his own body to shield his comrade from further injury. Lance Corporal Castle then assisted the casualty to the safety of the tree line.

Lance Corporal Castle is originally from Sioux Falls, but currently resides in West Columbia, TX.

Patriots Point, of Mount Pleasant, S.C., is home to The Patriots Point Naval and Maritime Museum, a fleet of National Historic Landmark ships, and the only Vietnam Support Base Camp in the United States.

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