As you may have noticed, the city of Sioux Falls has grown quite a bit in recent years. Why do you suppose that is? Could it be in part to how our local government is run?

According to a new study done by the answer is a definite "Yes." Sioux Falls is ranked as the sixth best-run city in the United States. We rank fourth overall in economy, and also scored well in education, health and total budget per capita.

Researchers came up with the ranking by comparing the services residents receive against the city's total budget. They then analyzed the data across 35 different metrics and ranked cities by how well they scored.

Nampa, Idaho came in number one overall. Washington, D.C. came in last. Here's how some of the other Midwestern cities did overall.

  • Cedar Rapids #13
  • Rapid City #17
  • Fargo #19
  • Bismarck #22
  • Lincoln #23
  • Des Moines #54
  • St. Paul #65
  • Omaha #80
  • Minneapolis #90

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